Teampower for a New Era

In complex systems, it is the quality of the interaction that makes the difference. Relationships define our collective potential.

We help teams to create more courageous, candid and caring relationships with one another, with their internal and external stakeholders, and thereby expanding the value for those they serve.

We believe that we are in the midst of an opportunity to create something much better. Braver, more honest and more caring relationships. Which creates more humane and wiser workplaces. Which in turn creates a slightly better world.

We want to help teams welcome one another as whole human beings at work – where everyone’s attention, ideas, concerns, dreams, quirks, drive and potential is invited and embraced.

We work online and face-to-face.

If you are curious about the book Teampower for a New Era – Workouts for teams that want to strengthen their collaboration muscles (published in Swedish, 2021), contact

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