Workshops & trainings

For learning activities to really make a difference, they need to be closely connected to your business reality.

Together with you I design and deliver learning activities for any role or level in the organisation. They can range from a couple of hours to a learning process spread over time.

Some examples of workshops:

  • Coaching – facilitating others’ growth
  • Creative ways of dealing with problems and dilemmas in teams/Group-coaching
  • Designing & facilitating meaningful meetings
  • How to integrate Learning with Doing business
  • Applied systems theory
  • Living in change
  • Meaningful involvement for lasting results
  • Take leadership! – a training program for all co-workers and managers

“Seasoned professional, full of passion in competence development; her versatile experience and knowledge in Learning & Development, especially Management Coaching has inspired our team a lot. From the bottom of my heart, thanks very much to you, Greta!”
Francis Yeung Deputy Site Manager IKEA IMS Wholesale (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

“If you only have one day to spare for personal reflections on your coaching skills and communication needs, and your goal is to be able to apply your learnings as soon as you step out from your training – THIS is the training you are looking for. You will not only be able to increase your own awareness about your situation, but you will also be able to help others increasing theirs, and thus helping them finding the answers they need to develop whatever they want to develop – a wonderful gift to yourself and to people for whom you care.”
Annika, a participant in Take Leadership! Clear communication & coaching