Assignments related to Involvement for lasting results

“Greta has the rare talent to, in close collaboration with her clients, create development activities that combine a strong strategic focus with operational needs.”
Mikael Andersson, Organisational Developer, Sida (Swedish International Cooperation Agency)

“Greta designs and facilitates business meetings that get the best out of people, where everyone’s thinking comes together. She makes us a united force and she does it with a deep understanding and respect for cultural differences.”
Peerachai Paha, Business Development Manager, Shanghai

“I have really appreciated working together with Greta in designing and implementing a number of organizational development activities in both Sweden and India. She is an effective partner and facilitator who stays focused on results while remaining sensitive to both the needs of individuals and the dynamics of any group. Greta’s sessions have had a lasting impact on the development of our business, the interpersonal relations of our teams and on the leadership development of individuals.”
Gregg Mowins CEO, Åhlens. Former Regional Purchase Manager, IKEA South Asia

Assignments related to Management & Team development

“Working with Greta made my management team aware of our capacity. In a surprisingly short time we clarified our goals and our shared values. We now work smarter and achieve better results.”
Annika Mulder, IT-purchase Manager IKEA IMS

Assignments related to Individual Growth

“The experience of working with Greta has been extremely positive for me, I have achieved all my goals, and more! Thanks to the confidence that Greta was able to create I felt free to explore all aspects, which has had a great impact on the results we achieved. Great also has a surprising capacity to identify the key factors for success, hence she was able to accompany me with simplicity on a very interesting introspective journey.”
David Vasseur, Area Manager Europe

“Coaching with substance, always related to the reality, to the business, not only asking questions but leading to a real learning with a clear goal in mind what to acheive. Done with a profound knowledge about cultural differences.”
Karl Kuschnik, Trading Area Manager South Europe

“During the time I have received support from Greta Rask I have developed a capacity to see myself from different angles. I can now deal with things that happen around me in a beter way.  My co-workers say that I’ve become a better manager. And I agree!”
Marianne Johansson, HR-manager Älmhults kommun

 Assignments related to Workshops & Trainings

“Seasoned professional, full of passion in competence development; her versatile experience and knowledge in Learning & Development, especially Management Coaching has inspired our team a lot. From the bottom of my heart, thanks very much to you, Greta!”
Francis Yeung Deputy Site Manager IKEA IMS Wholesale (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

“If you only have one day to spare for personal reflections on your coaching skills and communication needs, and your goal is to be able to apply your learnings as soon as you step out from your training – THIS is the training you are looking for. You will not only be able to increase your own awareness about your situation, but you will also be able to help others increasing theirs, and thus helping them finding the answers they need to develop whatever they want to develop – a wonderful gift to yourself and to people for whom you care.”
Annika, a participant in Take Leadership! Clear communication & coaching