Task Focussed Team Development

“Let us be the change we want to see!” (M Gandhi)

Teams that have a shared picture of their contribution to the business are strong teams. Teams that are connected with the bigger picture get a stronger sense of meaning and true engagement. Teams that are clear on their interdependencies with other parts of the organisation, and the outside environment, are wise teams. Teams that handle challenging tasks in complex, fast-changing environments need enough relational capacity to hold ambiguity, and to make fruitful use of their diversity.

Together, we design and carry through development activities that are meaningful for your team, your organisation, and your business.

“- I have really appreciated working together with Greta in designing and implementing a number of organizational development activities in both Sweden and India. She is an effective partner and facilitator who stays focused on results while remaining sensitive to both the needs of individuals and the dynamics of any group. Greta’s sessions have had a lasting impact on the development of our business, the interpersonal relations of our teams and on the leadership development of individuals.”
Gregg Mowins CEO, Åhlens. Former Regional Purchase Manager, IKEA South Asia

“Working with Greta made my management team aware of our capacity. In a surprisingly short time we clarified our goals and our shared values. We now work smarter and achieve better results.”
Annika Mulder, IT-purchase Manager IKEA IMS