Involvement for lasting results

As human beings we want to be involved in matters that concern us. To handle today’s complex and fast-changing environment, organisations need the experience, knowledge and engagement of diverse people.

When you aim for a high level of involvement in your development/change processes, I am happy to support you with the planning, design, and facilitation.

I have recently published a book on this topic. MEETINGS WITH MEANING – A guide to strategic collaboration. 

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“Greta’s daring approach makes her book valuable for every manager working in complex environments. Full of great paradigms from working life, it offers a human touch and keeps you engaged up to the last sentence. It changed my mindset and greatly helped me to create meaningful meetings in my work.” Yannis Angelis, Global Marketing Director & Organizational Consultant, Frankfurt, Germany.

”Everywhere people are coming together, collaborating and teaming for change. We need to make meetings opportunities for value creation, and a place where engagement grows. Every manager and project manager needs to read this book that is inspired by Greta’s experience helping her clients.” Ursula Erasmus, Global Change Leader and Organizational Consultant, Toronto, Canada

“Greta has the rare talent to, in close collaboration with her clients, create development activities that combine a strong strategic focus with operational needs.”
Mikael Andersson, Organisational Developer, Sida (Swedish International Cooperation Agency)

“Greta designs and facilitates business meetings that get the best out of people, where everyone’s thinking comes together. She makes us a united force and she does it with a deep understanding and respect for cultural differences.”
Peerachai Paha, Business Development Manager, Shanghai

“I have really appreciated working together with Greta in designing and implementing a number of organizational development activities in both Sweden and India. She is an effective partner and facilitator who stays focused on results while remaining sensitive to both the needs of individuals and the dynamics of any group. Greta’s sessions have had a lasting impact on the development of our business, the interpersonal relations of our teams and on the leadership development of individuals.”
Gregg Mowins CEO, Åhlens. Former Regional Purchase Manager, IKEA South Asia