Individual Growth

Coaching/Leadership support
There are times in our lives when we long for more meaning, a clearer purpose or simply know that we have resources that we, for some reason, don’t make the most of. Together, we clarify what you want to achieve and I support you on your journey. When suitable we involve your manager in the process.

Just-in-time coaching can be what you need when you are facing a challenge, an important presentation or any other nerve-wrecking endeavor.

Coaching can also be done in smaller groups, what I call co-coaching groups.

Therapeutic Counselling
Living & relating can be pulsating and magic. But also demanding, confusing, chaotic, and lonely. And there are times when living can feel unmanageable. If you want caring and mindful assistance in reaching more clarity about yourself and your being in the world, therapeutic counselling could be what you are looking for.

I work with focussed short-term agreements (usually 8-12 sessions) as well as with longer, so called open-ended therapy.

“The experience of working with Greta has been extremely positive for me, I have achieved all my goals, and more! Thanks to the confidence that Greta was able to create I felt free to explore all aspects, which has had a great impact on the results we achieved. Great also has a surprising capacity to identify the key factors for success, hence she was able to accompany me with simplicity on a very interesting introspective journey.”
David Vasseur, Area Manager Europe

“Coaching with substance, always related to the reality, to the business, not only asking questions but leading to a real learning with a clear goal in mind what to acheive. Done with a profound knowledge about cultural differences.”
Karl Kuschnik, Trading Area Manager South Europe

“During the time I have received support from Greta Rask I have developed a capacity to see myself from different angles. I can now deal with things that happen around me in a beter way.  My co-workers say that I’ve become a better manager. And I agree!”
Marianne Johansson, HR-manager Älmhults kommun