2016 and on-going. Ordkraft (publishing). Team Development and Leadership Coaching.

2015-2016 and on-going. Getinge Group. Increasing Getinge Group’s Capacity to make change happen by developing Change Ambassadors in Australasia, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Americas.

2014-2016 and ongoing. Blekinge Health Care (County Council). Change Design for creating Shared Values, Design and Facilitation of Leadership Conferences – 200 leaders – , developing a concept for Meaningful Meetings.

2013-2016 and ongoing. SKF. On-line Leadership Development Programs within Customer Service. “Towards a more pro-active Customer Service”, “Experience Engineering”.

2012 – 2016 and ongoing. Inter IKEA Systems. Individual Coaching.

2008 – 2016 and ongoing. IKEA of Sweden. Designing and facilitating a variety of Strategic Meetings in India and in Älmhult, in Textile, Livingroom and workspaces, Kitchen and Dining, Bed and Bath, Cooking Eating, Children. Trainings, Management Team Development and Individual Coaching.

2015-2016 IKEA Industry, France. Management Team Development

  1. IKEA Purchasing Operations Area, South East Asia. Training in how to Plan, Design and Facilitate Meetings with Meaning.

2014-2015. The Gestalt Academy of Scandinavia. Guest Faculty.

  1. Municipality of Landskrona. Leadership Coaching.
  2. IKEA Components. Coaching in meeting design.

2011-2015. IKEA Indirect Material and Services. Designing a global implementation process for long-term business strategy. Leadership Coaching. Therapeutic Counselling.

  1. Skåne Health Care (County Council). Designing and Facilitating workshop on how to improve information and education to patients and their close ones.
  2. Finsam Svalöv/Landskrona (financial collaboration between authorities) Designing and Facilitating a strategic planning meeting.

2014-2015. IKEA Retail Services, Sustainability. Designing and Facilitating workshops on Circular Economy, and on exploring collaboration potential with external partners.

2014-2015. Psychiatric ward, Skåne, (County Council). Facilitator in a Suicide Prevention Program, SPiSS.

2013-2015. Åhléns. Leadership Team Development, Change support, Individual Coaching.

2012-2015. The Municipality of Älmhult. Leadership development, Individual Coaching, Team Development, Management team development, Design and Facilitation of Strategic Planning Meetings.

  1. IKEA Family. Designing and Facilitating Strategic Planning Workshop.
  2. Finsam Helsingborg (financial collaboration between authorities). Training in planning, designing and facilitating Meetings with Meaning.

2011-2014. Lekolar. Developing shared values. Designing and facilitating workshops on a variety of strategic issues. Leadership Coaching.

2012-2013. IKEA Food. Management Team Development, Leadership Coaching.

  1. The Swedish Supreme Audit Institution, Riksrevisionen. Training in how to facilitate learning.
  2. The Municipality of Helsingborg. Designing and Facilitating Leadership Conference – 400 leaders.

2012-2013. Academia. Leadership Coaching.

2012-2013. Sodexo. Leadership Coaching.

2012-2013. IKEA Communications. Change support, Design and Facilitation of leadership involvement processes, Individual Coaching.

  1. Swedish Radio, SR. Training in how to plan, design and facilitate strategic meetings.
  2. IKEA Global Sustainability. Designing and Facilitating workshop on Communication Strategy for Better Cotton.
  3. IKEA IT. Designing and facilitating Strategic Business Workshop.

2011-2012. AFROSAI-E, Pretoria. HR-Management Development in Supreme Audit Institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa.

2011-2012. Culinar. Designing a process for developing shared values. Leadership development.

2010-2012. IKEA Trading Area South Asia. Leadership Team Development and Individual Coaching.

  1. Medlingscentrum. Conflict Resolution Process.

2010-2011. Mobility Motors. Leadership Coaching.

2008-2011. IKEA Trading South Europe. Trainings in Clear Communication and Coaching, in Intercultural Communication, in living the IKEA Values. Management Team Development and Leadership Coaching.

  1. Global Adjustments, India. Training IT-professionals in cross-cultural communication.